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Before Spokane was a City and Washington was a State, Hiram Muzzy became one of Spokane’s earliest settlers. In covered wagon, he moved his family from New York to the "Wild Washington Territory" in 1880 and staked his homestead claim on 160 acres just north of the Spokane River. The area population then was only around 250.

Muzzy cultivated 1,500 apple trees on his homestead but made his fortune as a land baron platting and selling Muzzy’s Addition in 1888, part of what is now Spokane’s West Central Neighborhood. He sold an estimated 500 lots of his property during Spokane’s early population explosion following the arrival of railroads and rich mining strikes in north Idaho. By 1889, Spokane’s population swelled to 20,000 and Muzzy built his third home on his homestead in 1889, a brick and granite Queen Anne Victorian home known as the Muzzy Mansion.

Irish immigrant Patrick Shine and wife Mary bought the house in 1903. Shine served as a prominent attorney, Spokane City Treasurer, Senator, Consular Agent to three Canadian Provinces and nominated to US Ambassador to Ireland the year of his death in 1934. Widow Shine remained in the house until her death in 1955.

The house began a transition in the 1940’s into what eventually became a 5-unit apartment house. Following its purchase in 2007 by Mike Schultz and Steven Sanford, restoration commenced and continues today, carefully reverting the house back to its original floor plan and sense of historic grandeur. The house began operating as a historic Bed & Breakfast from 2009 - 2010 following its appointment to the Spokane Register of Historic Places. The house was listed on the Washington State Historic Register and National Historic Register as well in 2010 as the Muzzy-Shine House.

In 2011 Schultz and Sanford sold the house to Keith and Kendra Kelley who continue the committed stewardship and historic preservation of the home as their single-family residence. Schultz and Sanford moved to Seattle where they restored classic motoryacht Itineras and currently live aboard classic motoryacht Luxuria.

Previous owners of the Muzzy Mansion meet the new owners, Seattle WA, September 2011. L-R: Steven Sanford, Mike Schultz, Keith Kelley and Kendra Kelley
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