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Muzzy Mansion Owners
owning the property from-to
Historical Context
  March 11, 1824 Hiram Newton Muzzy is born in Fowler, Ohio. Hiram moves to Buffalo, New York, then Spokane Falls in 1880.

1861-1865 American Civil War

December 25, 1863 Patrick C. Shine is born in Limerick, Ireland.

1879 Creation of Spokane County

1880 - 1902 Hiram Newton Muzzy
The Muzzy family, circa 1860.
White marble gravestone of Hiram Muzzy and first wife Rebecca erected in 1886 at Fairmount Memorial Park, Spokane, Wa. Graves of various Muzzy family surround Hiram's. Burial plot transcription by Maggie Rail.
November 15, 1880 Hiram Muzzy files Homestead Application in Spokane Territory.

1881 Spokane is incorporated with a population of 1,000.

1883 Completion of Northern Pacific Railroad.

1885 Patrick Shine comes to America.

January 22, 1886 Muzzy's first wife, Rebecca, dies.

1886 Spokane surpasses San Francisco and Portland in acquisition of street lights.

September 10, 1887 Muzzy marries second wife E.A. Ricker in Spokane, Washington.

September 8, 1888 President Grover Cleveland signs Homestead Patent granting to Muzzy his home and surrounding 160 acres in Spokane just north of the Spokane River.

August 4, 1889 Great Spokane Fire destroys downtown Spokane Falls.

November 11, 1889 Washington becomes a State.

1893 National Stock Market and Economic Collapse. (Reported to leave Muzzy destitute)

1898 Spanish-American War

September 18, 1900 Muzzy marries third wife S.E. Rednour in Spokane, Washington.

1902 - 1905 Charles B. Hole
March 15, 1904 Patrick Shine marries Mary Louise Gomm in San Francisco, California.
1905 - 1934 Patrick C. Shine
(After his death, widow Shine continued to live in the house until her death in 1955)
Patrick and Mary Shine are also buried at Fairmount Memorial Park, Spokane, Wa. Burial plot transcription by Maggie Rail.
December 9, 1907 Patrick C. Shine Jr is born in Spokane, Washington.

March 5, 1908 At age 83, Hiram Muzzy dies of senility in a hospital in Portland, Oregon.

1909 Spokane boasts 26 millionaires.

1910 Spokane's population explodes to 100,000 and Washington State women are allowed to vote.

1914-1918 World War 1

September 1, 1914 Louie Davenport builds the Davenport Hotel in downtown Spokane.

1934 At the time of his death at age 71, Attorney and Washington State Senator Patrick C. Shine was recommended for appointment as United States Ambassador to Ireland (then referred to as United States Minister to the Irish Free State).

1905 - 1955  Mary G. Shine
(Widow of Patrick C. Shine)
1939-1945 World War 2
1956 - 1960 Emil C & Muriel J Lindblad  
1960 - 1972  Sophy Whitman
1972 - 1979  Clara Peck
January, 1977 Patrick C. Shine Jr dies at age 70 in Spokane, Washington.
1979 - 1980  Kenneth J & Marilyn L McCoy and Ronald J & Susan Jean Montague and Robert C McNeal Jr and Jean Butler
1980 - 1981 Louis & Sherry DiBernardo  
1981 - 1984 Brouner-Gotlieb Investment Properties, Fund I  
1984 - 2007  Michael Phillip and Georgie-Ruth Walker and William D and Deanna J Schneider
2007 - 2011 Steven Sanford & Michael Schultz
January 2007 Renovation of the Muzzy Mansion begins. Muzzy Mansion operated as a historic B&B 2009-2010.
2011 - Present Keith & Kendra Kelley
Sept 2011 L-R: Previous owners Steven Sanford and Mike Schultz with new owners Keith and Kendra Kelley.
The Kelley's acquire the Muzzy Mansion and continue the stewardship and restoration of the home as their single-family residence.